Q: Can I install my own fireplace?

A: As handy as you may be, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who would recommend fireplace installation by anyone other than a trained and experienced installer. Because safety is a major issue, professional installers have specialized training and are licensed specifically for the task. In most places, a fireplace installation also requires special permits and inspections that are best managed by someone with experience.

Q: Does installing a fireplace in an existing home create structural or safety problems?

A: A professionally installed fireplace will not compromise the structural integrity of your home or result in safety issues beyond those associated with any fireplace. Properly installed, you can expect years of carefree service with the same kind of cleaning, inspection and maintenance required by any fireplace.

Q: Does a fireplace waste energy?

Q: Does a fireplace waste energy?

A: It depends on the fireplace you choose, the accessories you include and the quality of the installation. By definition, a fireplace needs to draw internal air up the chimney and outdoors. At the same time, a fireplace will generate heat. The ultimate answer depends upon how well these two facts are “managed” by the unit’s efficiency and the quality of the installation. We can help you decide on the right combination of features and accessories to create the experience you desire with the level of efficiency you need.